Demtech Services, Inc. offers a variety of training on the set up, operation, and maintenance of geomembrane welding and testing equipment, with a special focus on Demtech equipment.

GPE Demtech Training - Myanmar_300x200Demtech works with you to determine how to best meet your training needs.  We will cater our training curriculum to ensure your specific application (i.e. HDPE, PVC, StudLiner, etc.) or occupational requirements (i.e. liner installation, QA/QC, etc.) are thoroughly covered, and your employees obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their jobs.

All training is conducted by highly experienced and certified welding professionals.  Training is provided at the Demtech facility in Diamond Springs, California.  Or, one of Demtech’s field technicians can bring the training right to your office or job site— just another innovative solution from the leader in quality, service, and affordability.


  • U.S. Customers: Call 1-888-324-WELD (9353) to schedule a session.
  • International Customers:  Contact “Demo” Dave McLaury at 1-530-621-3200 or by email at to make arrangements.

“Powered by Innovation,” Demtech Services, Inc. constantly strives to provide the highest level of service to its customers.

Training Options

 Standard Demtech TrainingSpecialized Demtech Training/WorkshopCertified Welding Technician (CWT) Examinations
DescriptionDemtech’s Standard Training program is a comprehensive “hands-on” session, covering wedge welding and extrusion welding as well as weld/seam testing.

Attendeees are trained to be proficient on a various types and models of geomembrane welding and testing equipment, including but not limited to wedge welders, extrusion welders, hot air welders, tensiometers, and sample cutters.

Participants are trained on the set up, operation, and maintenance/repair of these units.
Demtech’s Specialized Training and Workshops are customized to meet your needs.

The sessions can be comprehensive or simple; they can take the standard training even further or cut it back to focus on a specific piece of equipment.

Demtech can also provide specialized training in areas such as:

- Mechanical Attachments
- Embedment Liner
- Boot Building
- Spark Testing
- Concrete Attachment
- Studliner (Demtech is the certified trainer for GSE)
- Quality Control Procedures
IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetic Installers) is the organization officially responsible for CWT Certification; Demtech Services, Inc. proctors the certification process/test.

IAGI certification requires a certain level of experience. In order for any member of your crew to receive IAGI certification, they must have installed 1 million square feet of PE materials. This experience must be documented. Please see “Prerequisites.”

All of the information you need regarding CWT Certification is available on the IAGI website (
Fees$100.00 per person, with a minimum charge of $750.00.

*Travel expenses for Demtech's training technician may also apply.
Varies, depending on topics covered, amount of time involved, and the number of participants.

*Travel expenses for Demtech's training technician may also apply.
IAGI Members:
$285.00 per person

Non-Members: $485.00 per person

Cost to Renew CWT: $95.00 per person

*Travel expenses for the certification proctor may also apply.
PrerequisitesNoneNoneA resume or other documentation to show that the technician has installed 1 million square feet of PE materials.

Documentation should include the following and be signed by you (or another individual who will attest to the employees’ experience) and sent to IAGI for review/acceptance.

- A list of each project the employee completed
- The square footage of each project
- The type of material used for the project

CertificatesDemtech Certificates – Good for 2 years TBDIAGI Certification - Good for 5 years