Pro-XM Extrusion Welder

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Medium output extrusion welder for production welding of geomembranes and rigid thermoplastics.

The PRO-XM Model 605-0100/A Extrusion Welder, manufactured by DEMTECH Services, Inc., is the standard of the industry extrusion welder for detail and medium production welding of thermoplastic liners, pipe, rigid sheet stock, as well as many other plastic welding applications

Pro-XM Model 605-0100/A Features

  • Powerful Milwaukee brand drive motor well known for reliability.
  • Simple heating system design. No electronic controls
  • Custom roll guard hoods controls and switches protecting them from direct sunlight and accidental contact.
  • Electronic “cold start” protection prevents starting of motor before minimum operating temperature is reached.
  • Reliable Demtech pre-heat air unit maintains accurate temperature and high air flow.
  • Ergonomic handle adjusts easily to different positions for right handed or left handed operation.
  • Handle doubles as a ”kick stand”, making it nearly impossible to tip welder over, preventing pre-heat air from burning a hole in the liner material.
  • Hardened screw and barrel promotes smooth flow rates with minimal load on the drive motor.
  • Non-Twisting rod feed design makes it easier to manage welding rod. Works with 4 or 5mm rod.
  • Teflon welding shoes are available in Demtech’s pre-machined design or “blanks”.
  • Lightweight… High output… Reliable… Affordable

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