Pro-Wedge Model 3XL

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The Pro-Wedge 3XL Wedge Welder, designed and manufactured in the USA by DEMTECH, is the new standard of the industry wedge welder for production field seaming of 60-120 mil (1.0-3.0mm) HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes. Drawing from many years of experience in the plastic welding industry, we’ve designed features and functions into its design to satisfy the needs of the most demanding welding technicians on the most demanding job sites.

Here are just a few of the many exclusive features that make the PRO-Wedge 3XL the heavy duty welder of choice for thick and/or textured PE materials:

  • By far the fastest welder due to longer wedge w/3000 Watts of heating power.
  • Wedge assembly can be removed in 30 seconds! Minimizes down time.
  • External Plug-in connector for heaters and thermocouple.
  • Spring loaded retaining disc protects heater/T.C. wires from wear.
  • Hinged control panel for instant access to electrical components.
  • Automatic safety switch shuts off power to control box when cover is opened.

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